Mini Messages

Bite-sized bits of faith to help uplift you throughout your week


Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on September 26, 2017

Emotions, dispositions, and feelings are so real to each and every one of us. They are an everyday experience as we we deal with them, interpret them and then consequently live with them. Each moment of each day we encounter not only what is going on outside of our lives, but come face to face with the happenings on the inside (a very real place to us all). We all have been asked in one way or another, the question: “how’s life treating you?” That question leads us to the answers found in the Book, that give us spiritual insights from our Lord on how you, in turn, then will be THE ONE TREATING LIFE! Wise is the person who does not emotionally react to what is “handed” to him, but being one of action, being Spirit-filled with “God handed to him” attitudes. The answer to life and how to live it is always given by the One who created life - with the spoken Word. He then sustains life with the very life-giving Word He has spoken. We must remember that “He is strong that executeth His Word” (Joel 2:11). “Strong” is a word that speaks of the One who desires to make us strong - with His Spirit and His Word. Instead of those disheartening dispositions giving us the negative charge of de-energizing our life, the Lord says “POWER-UP” with the Spirit “in-charge” with His life within. In Joel’s context of the One Who is “strong that executeth His Word” - the Word tells us that He has His positive treatment of life that overrides all the negatives. Yes, it’s all about His power in us and over us. That spiritual strength can initiate our personal execution of His Word to say no to that which weakens us and then give us an affirmative yes vote to the One who strengthens us. Being pulled up and not put down brings a new perspective on the life that God has given to us. In Joel’s declining world around him, the Lord used him to tell us all living in our challenging world (outside and inside): “fear not … be glad and rejoice” (2:21). Yes, “out with the old” disposition, and in with the new attitude on life. “Be glad THEN … and rejoice: for the LORD WILL DO GREAT THINGS” (vs. 21, 23). Life is not all about what is happening to you, rather WHO it is that brings that which is happening IN YOU. “POWER UP!”