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Our Father's Hourglass

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on January 2, 2018

Time marches on and Father Time’s hourglass of granular transfer waits for no man. Could it be that his scythe of uncertainty coupled with anxiety is waiting to cut deep into the weakened hearts of humanity? Not a chance for those strengthened in step with Him, having received new life (II Corinthians 5:17). However, with the new year now RUSHING IN, we may ask ourselves, what exactly will come to us “in time?” Good news! Our heavenly Father has His timely HOURGLASS prepared for us, and is the One in the “bringing business,” not the mythical figure of Father Time! Here’s the verse for our future, with a personal application: “He that sat upon the throne said, behold, I make all things new … write: for these words are true and faithful” (Rev. 21:5). Yes, a future Scriptural event, but with a timely application. HAPPY is the NEW YEAR governed by His Sovereign rule with throne room authority, as our Lord brings in the new year! A HAPPY NEW YEAR? YES, absolutely, because: 1) the new is already providentially made for us by Him, 2) the new is backed up eternally with His”Writ,” of divine certainty, 3) the new is lovingly assured to us with His “words true and faithful,” dissolving all the anxious thoughts of what’s ahead! He who holds the new of HIS hourglass of the future desires to hold you and your future anew, all backed up with HIS WORD! Look to Him in a 2018 trust relationship based on His Word: “HE MAKES ALL THINGS NEW!”