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The Day Changer

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on January 30, 2018

Question: “How’s your day going so far?” Here’s another question: “Having a good day?” Also, the question: “Would you like any changes that can make the difference in your day, to your satisfaction?” Could it be that we need to be directed to ask ourselves the correct question that really matters, a question that can give us life-changing answers: “What really makes the difference in a day?” There can be that “added something” or “added SOMEONE” that changes everything in our daily activity, namely there can be a “day-changer” for us - everyday. Yes, when we meet up with those unexpected challenges, our hearts can certainly be filled with that unwanted frustration, that unanticipated state of unrest. Here’s the spiritual prescription for a healthy heart when bombarded with those daily, intense interruptions, totally unwanted: “And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest” (Exodus 33:14). As the presence of God was with Moses, His same presence “shall go with thee” (v. 14). The theology of this passage of Scripture is so practical, as well as so powerful. When the Lord is “in there with us,” what He possesses in person, He gives to those with living in His presence. The spirit-filled believer can live out a restful repose in the power of the Holy Spirit, even when some things aren’t going our way. So it all depends on which way we are going, and with whom we are going. Remember, when your’e going God’s way, you don’t go it alone, He goes with you. Moses understood the priority of God’s presence, and the Lord rewarded Him with an additional “and he said” in the context: “And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee … and will be gracious … and shew mercy” (v. 19). When we practice the presence of God, there is a restful heart. When there is a restful heart, we see clearly the “goodness passing before us” from the Lord. When we see the goodness pass before us, we His grace and mercy. Now, that practical theology tells us that everyday then is a good day in the Lord. Question, “How’s that day of your’s going?” Make it an “and he said” restful good day passing from Him to you - because He “will be gracious and shew mercy” (v. 19). May the Lord give you a GOOD DAY with His presence - RESTFUL.