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The Zacchaeus Climb

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on July 23, 2018

We know the hymn favored by many, “My Faith Looks Up to Thee.” What a faith-building hymn, full of doctrine, challenge & inspiration. Faith that looks up to Jesus intially at salvation brings life at the outset, and faith that continues to look up to Jesus brings abundant life (John 10:10) as we step forward on salvation’s journey. With that said, we must conclude that faith that is focused on the Lord is a faith-life LOOKING UP, and becomes a day-changer - EVERYDAY. Ever wonder how the Lord looks to your faith? Well, here’s a “faith-look” that Jesus made one day to a man and his faith; Jesus “looked up” toward the Bible character by the name of Zacchaeus, giving recognition to his faith. Here we have the Biblical account of a little man with a “not so little” faith, & the Bible says that “when Jesus came to the place, he looked up” (Luke 19:5). We know the “why for the look” from the story, because he was short of stature and he couldn’t see Jesus in his present state, so he climbed to the place where he could see Him. Yes, Mr. Zacchaeus took that faith step upward that resulted in Jesus looking to him being “up in a tree.” It was the active faith of Zacchaeus that caused Jesus to stop and “look up to him.” The Bible narrative tells us that Zacchaeus had “sought,” he “ran,” & he “climbed” up in a tree, in order to “see him” (vs. 3-4). Now, here’s the question, “how does Jesus view our faith, realizing that He is on the look out for faith-alive?’” Oh, remember this, when our “up the tree” liabilities bring occasion for us to seek the Lord, they become our assets in our spiritual world. Faith challenged brings faith rewarded. When our faith is tested, be a Zacchaeus, and follow faith’s pathway to the lifted up place for you to see Him again. When you do, Jesus looks to you once again, and says, “make haste, and come down, for today I must abide at thy house” (v. 5). When we seek, run, & do the “Zacchaeus climb,” Jesus stops, looks up, and says, “today I’ll abide with you.” His presence makes all the difference and makes our faith more and more alive. Remember when “Our Faith Looks up to Thee,” He looks to the Zacchaeus in us all.