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That's the Spirit

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on August 1, 2018

“I’d love to have a close walk with the Lord, but …” “But,” that’s quite the word indeed; however, that word “BUT” can make all the difference in the world spiritually - in the believer’s own personal life, in the home, at work, and in the fellowship of our church family. “BUT my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him” (Numbers. 14:24), was able to follow God fully. Caleb was chosen by God to be the man outspoken - because of what he spoke (words of courage), originating from the Word of God spoken first upon His heart. Caleb was the leader given to us by the Lord, for us to follow as our example. Let us, please look closely at the Hebrew word translated as “but.” But (rather, nevertheless), Caleb “followed me fully,” being filled, not with the spirit of the natural man, but rather filled (controlled by) the Spirit of the LIVING GOD. The spirit of the natural man can never advance the cause of Christ, and never can it accomplish the mission that the Lord has for us. Caleb chose to be full of His Spirit, enabling him to both forsake the faint hearted spirit of the “evil report” (the giants in the land are too powerful -13:32), and then venture forth in a successful God-given pursuit of the possession that God had ordained. Caleb could go forward in God’s will because he had “another spirit” (foreign to man’s spirit & thus distinct, possessing God’s Spirit as his personal choice - we all have that choice). “That’s the spirit,” none other than God’s Spirit, as defined as the “breath of life” (Gen. 2:7). That’s the life, bringing God’s “alive in Him Spirit,”- the Spirit of “cooled courage under fire, and over despondency” - cool and collected against the self-willed spirit of man expressed, trying to make their inroads into our hearts. That’s the Spirit of God being “with him” & would “bring him into the land (God’s mission to be accomplished”). “His seed shall possess it” ( bringing others along with us in God’s perfect, designed plan versus going against it in self will). That’s the victorious Christian Spirit and life, laying claim to new territory, no longer impoverished and detained by self will. God says to the Christian who accepts the “Caleb challenge,” namely, possessing the beating heart for God’s will: “that’s the Spirit, and IT’S MINE!”