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He Brings You Strong

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on August 28, 2018

Any struggling going on in that heart of your’s lately? Any weakness telling you: “I’m prone to wander, and Lord, I certainly feel it this time!” Then comes the moment of decision, within that weakened heart of our’s saying: “I”m back with you Lord, & I think I’ll stay awhile longer in my walk with you this time!” Well, welcome to the human race of “strength seekers!” You see, when we have deficit spending of self sufficiency, we are brought to our knees in this challenge called life. To help us all, let us look to the Psalmist David who was bombarded with all things uncertain, that gave him a heart weakened. Looks like David was so set back in his trial that he even needed strength to get him to the place of strength. “Who will bring me into the strong city? Who will lead me …” (Psalm 60:9). The testings behind him had torn him apart inside, the trial of his present was torturing him, but his time spent with God was teaching him. God was leading him to the initial need of being strong in none other than Himself. He understood that God would “bring him strong” when his weakness told him: “It’s not all up to me anymore!” Man does not have to bring himself to the place of becoming what he believes he needs of himself to be. God gives strength to the weakened, the tempted, the tired, the tried, the hurt & the pained filled (that’s us). Then, when we are reintroduced to the Almighty (and He is), He can then bring you strong.