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What Is Truth

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on March 19, 2019

Here’s an important question for every Christian that is serious about his Lord, his Bible, his daily Christian walk and HIS church; ‘How important is truth?’ Please let it be reintroduced in this manner, “Since truth was important to the Living Christ who said ‘I am the Truth’ (John 14:6), would truth then be of utmost importance to the one who professes to know Him as Truth?” Let us all recall the words of our Lord, “For this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth” (John 18:37). That was the very answer that Jesus gave Pilate regarding His ministry on earth. In the same historical breath of our Lord, He then makes it personal: “Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice” (v. 37). The one having only humanity’s misconstrued view of truth that day (v. 28) missed the judgment bar of God’s truth completely. The words of Jesus meant little, as voiced in the question from that natural (unsaved) man: “What is truth” (v. 38). Here’s where it gets interesting, “Jesus came forth and Pilate saith unto them, behold the man” (19:5). When truth is not sought by the heart (mankind blinded), that natural man sees only a man and misses the message! The truth is that Jesus is more than mere man, He is the “God-man,” who is “the Truth” (John 14:6). Jesus is the very One who said that those who are “of the truth heareth my voice!” When the hearers at heart do hear, there is only one honorable reply: “Of a truth thou art the Son of God” (Matthew. 14:33). The blessing awaits every believer “born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God” - the blessing is that the truth has power that “liveth and abideth forever” in them (I Peter 1:23). Here’s our heart-felt response: oh cherish the truth, obey the truth, love the truth, live in the truth, and let the truth live in you. The question: “what is truth” is answered in the “WHO is Truth,” namely Jesus being alive in our hearts as “the way, the TRUTH, and the life” (John 14:6). Truth shows us the way to Him, to life in Him, all for “the truth’s sake, which dwelleth in us, and shall be with us forever” (2 John v. :2).