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A Favored Fellowship

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on April 2, 2019

Here’s a question that deserves an honest answer: “Does the Lord want His blessing on His church?” More specifically, “Is the local church to which I belong being blessed of God, and what exactly are His blessings?” When thought through with a Scripture filled heart, the answers can be many, because the Lord’s blessings are many. One answer in particular cannot be dismissed. God blesses His church with His favor; His “grace to you” is the apostolic salutation from our Lord to the church at Corinth (I Corinthians 1:3). These are words so meaningful when used together: “grace” and “you” - words selectively chosen by the Holy Spirit in HIS Word. The saints of God in every local church have been blessed initially because of their position in Christ, in the grace of God’s salvation. Then, a follow through with that same grace, the church that God desires to bless ever so richly is a fellowship of living in that very grace, namely becoming alive in favored fellowship in their Lord. Once again: “Grace to you” - oh make that personal in your fellowship with God, and use that favorable grace in your fellowship with one another. Those words of favor: “grace to you” received by your heart with the composition of divine inspiration written upon your heart as living epistles (2 Corinthians 3:3), certainly can make a viable statement in the believer’s life. Those words when received, becoming a living flow of His Spirit through one’s soul into another’s soul, and then into another, and another, become one grand theme for the church: a fellowship of grace. That my friend is the Biblical iconic mark of the blessing of God on His church: a favored fellowship. Living in grace, and living for each other in grace. Grace is an alive word, because God’s grace is alive and active, directional and targeted to you and for you: it is grace TO you. Grace is also a receptive word: grace to YOU. Oh, receive that life given, directive blessing of favor of which our Lord has for us, offered to us by His Spirit, granting to us all a sustaining favored relationship with Him and with the “household of God” (Ephesians 2:19). Yes grace, and yes a favored fellowship, when enjoined, we then can enjoy divine favor designed by God, and for God’s people gathered, called together as one body (His body) with the grand and glorious favor that originates with Him. It is His “grace to you” and He wants us to bring grace into our hearts, and spread it around in the hearts of our favored fellowship. The church that lives in grace is the church that God is blessing. The grace that brought us to Himself (Ephesians 2:8-9) individually in fellowship with Him, is the same grace that brings us to each other in the same. A graced gathering of imperfect, needy, and broken people can now be moving onward in His favor, waiting to be blessed, and then to progressively showcase His divine favor. It makes all the difference with “grace to you” lived in His local body, the church. As we fellowship with Him in grace, and then “grace-favor” each other, as defined in us, we find ourselves in His favored fellowship. It is at that moment, we can then by God’s grace, realize that each one of us is an integral member of the church that God is blessing.