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Faith That Stands Tall

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on July 23, 2019

Any challenges confronting your faith lately? Wondering how this event, this circumstance, this relationship, this testing is going to turn out in my Christian life? Every believer has those daily, personal testings concerning his faith, and the Lord knows all about them. He knows us, He loves us, and desires to help us when our faith seems weak when tested. So here’s His Scripture to the rescue. We have before us the Bible account of Zacchaeus desiring to see Jesus, but could not because of his shortness of stature. He addressed his challenge, and was able to have a personal faith encounter with the Lord, as seen in the story unfolding in Scripture. Here we have a man of short stature, yet he was found to be a man that “stands tall” when it comes to active faith; he wanted to see Jesus, even when conditions hindered him. This portion of Scripture teaches the Christian volumes concerning challenged faith. Yes, this little man with big faith met up with the Lord in spite of his obstacles. Simple faith at times brings to us simple solutions, when simple faith is active faith. Such was the case of Zacchaeus; he probably said to himself, “Problem solved, I’m short, I’m just a little guy, so I’ll just climb a tree!” As he desired to have his eye on Jesus, the Lord did not have a blind eye on him. The Bible says that “when Jesus came to the place, he looked up” (Luke 19:5). We know the reason why Jesus looked up to this man, the answer is given from the story. You see, Zacchaeus was up in a tree for Jesus to look up at him, but there is a more important, Scriptural reason why Jesus stopped to raise his eyes upward. It was the active faith of Zacchaeus that caused Jesus to stop and pay attention to this man. It was the faith in the heart of this repentant tax collector, evidenced in the activity of that faith that caused Jesus to “look up to him.” The Word tells us of his spiritual interest in the Christ: he “sought,” he “ran,” and he “climbed,” in order to “see him” (vs. 3-4). Here then is the challenging application concerning our “up in the tree” liabilities. They become our assets in the spiritual world, when faith is tested, and with our saying yes to our challenges we can then take action in seeking “to see Jesus, who He is” in our lives (v. 3). When we exercise simple faith, in seeking, running, and doing the “Zacchaeus climb” in order to meet the Lord where He desires to meet us, Jesus stops and looks up to us, thus rewarding our faith. That’s not all! Then comes the Lord’s pronouncement: “come down; for today I must abide at thy house” (v. 5); place your name there, and your spiritual house number there. “Come down” from your challenge, now that you passed the faith test, because the Lord has met up with you in your challenge. Now, He wants to abide with the one whose faith is standing tall. Stand tall in your joyful fellowship with Him now, all because you wanted to be seeing Jesus (not just focusing on your faith test), all the while He was looking to you.