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It's Your Move

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on August 18, 2019

Oh, those familiar words: “I really don’t know if God knows that I exist, He seems so distant!” Quite an adolescent view of one’s relationship with the Lord indeed; nevertheless, a human weakness that God can help one to overcome. Here’s the “growth into Christian adulthood” challenge coming from the Lord Himself: “Am I a God at hand, saith the LORD, and not a God afar off?” (Jeremiah 23:23). The reply: of course He is OUR GOD at hand, and not distant at all. Every truly born-again, spiritual Christian longs for the joy found in a close walk with the Lord. Since the Lord desires to be “at hand” (near: closely bonded as a Father) in fellowship with us, He is not the One who has moved “afar off” (remote & distant). Since God isn’t the One in hiding from us, the distance can be closed. The Word of God tells us so: “Can any hide himself in secret places … do not I fill the heaven and the earth?” (v. 24). May it be that as “self will” comes out from hiding, to appear before the Lord and then to “draw nigh to God … he will (also) draw nigh to you” (James. 4:8). Remember, as He has power to fill heaven and earth, He has power to fill the empty places in our hearts. Here’s the answer: “It is good for me to draw near unto God” (Psalm 73:28). He was always there for you, it wasn’t the Lord that moved. Could it be that it is decision time: If it is, then it’s your move!