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Travel with Care

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on September 10, 2019

Here’s a Bible truth that can touch the heart of the spiritually receptive. God’s placement of a servant’s heart in the believer to have a grace-filled caring concern for others. Scripture illustrates it well: “But thanks be to God, which put the same earnest care into the heart of Titus for you” (2 Corinthians 8:16). Yes, God is at work as “He careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7), but He intends for that care not only to be recognized, received and then appreciated, but passed along to others. Care should never stop with the one to whom God expressed His loving concern. The care of our Lord as found in the Epistle of Peter means that He cares for the multiplicity of all His children, namely those who are addressed as the YOU. He careth for YOU, meaning He cares for all of His redeemed, which really means He cares and singles out you, and you and you. There are two important words that need to be in the “living-the-life” vocabulary of the believer: YOU and CARE. Yes, there is you, but it’s not just all about you; there are also others included in the YOU of God’s care, and you can care for them as God has cared for you. You see, the Lord who “careth for you” is also carefully at work as His Holy Spirit desires to “put the same earnest care” (v. 16) in your heart for others. Getting back to Titus: “For indeed he accepted the exhortation” of care from the Lord, and “of his own accord he went forward unto you” (v. 17). “Of his own accord, went forward” with “earnest care” - what a definitive, willful and decisive act when Titus did capture the moment for living out the spiritual ministry of care from the Lord to give to others, all from God’s heart to his heart, and then to others. What a grace-filled ambition, and a grace-motivated admonition for us all to begin in being others-focused. God’s care went to his heart, then through his heart, and from his heart as he ministered with God’s care. God was at work, and the Lord was using Titus for His ministry. Notice the spiritual pay-off documented in the context: “and not that only, but was chosen of the churches to travel with us with this grace” (v. 19). The Lord’s people recognize those who really care for the things of God, and the needs of others. God uses those who are concerned with the essentials in which God is interested, one of which is the ministry of care unto others. Care extended became care received, as being the living evidence of a “chosen” servant who “traveled with grace!” What a way to move about in your Christian life, traveling with grace. Ask God to fill your heart with the ministry of graceful care for others. Question: Do you desire to really go somewhere spiritually? Of course we do, and when we do let us all go there with grace and TRAVEL WITH CARE for others