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Lay Hold on the Eternal

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on October 1, 2019

Any struggles in your spiritual life of late, or should it be asked, how intense and how many are those difficulties that are taking aim at your faith today? Here’s some good news; help is on the way from the Psalmist. “Plead my cause, O LORD … stand up for my help … say unto my soul: I am thy salvation (deliverance)” (Psalm 35:1-3). David had a godly cause for his life: a walk with God in his faith-journey, living for His Lord, and notably so, his “faith-life” was not without opposition. This is a Psalm inspired to help the Christian living his life in the “faith way.” Any challenges to your faith lately, any difficulties in your attempt to keep you testimony a shining example for His glory, any stumbling because of those pestuous rocks being hurled by the enemy in your pathway? A deadly aim indeed, and the spiritual Christian knows all about it: “We are not ignorant of his (Satan’s) devices” (2 Corinthians 2:11). Well, when you are in the fury of battle, fighting the good fight of faith, you are not alone when in comes to your journey with faith’s opposition. As we bring in the Scriptural exhortation of “fighting the good fight of faith” to heart (1 Timothy 6:12), there is a powerful inclusion in that same verse: we are to “lay hold on to eternal life” - namely that which pertains to life in the eternal - a life in the Lord and from our eternal living Lord. That is so very key in your walk by faith with our God. We live in the temporal with all the earthy obstructions that attempt to impede our spiritual progress, but those “in earth-time measures” are no match for that which is eternal, designed by our Heavenly Father Then, in our challenges as we are keeping the faith, His eternal purposeful power becomes available as we lay hold on that which is eternal. In the difficulties and predicaments that tend to become attached to our souls, we lay hold (attach ourselves to, take as our possession) on the eternal (life, and that which accompanies that eternal life) from our Father and as we do, He lays hold on us with His Spirit’s power accompanying that life. Our plea becomes a plea heard by Him: “Plead my cause:” (a vigorous defense argument). He not only hears our plea and answers our plea; He actually “pleads my cause” (Psalm 35:1), meaning is that He stands up for the very cause of our plea, and He strengthens us as we make a plea for the cause: our “good fight of faith” - living for Him (v. 12). Here’s the answer concerning the struggles in your faith fight today: “Plead my cause as I lay hold on the eternal.” Faith - what a cause, faith - He authored it, faith - He gives it, faith - He fortifies it, faith - He gives answer to it, faith - He turns weaknesses into strengths, faith - He defends it, faith - He rewards it, and when you in faith lift up your soul in prayer to Him, He listens to your plea and makes your plea His very plea. Here’s a prayer: “Plead my cause” and when you talk to Him about that plea, He does the pleading for you! He answers the plea with this encouragement: my dear child, just lay hold on that which is eternal and when you do, and when it’s all said and done it can be said of you: “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” (II Timothy 4:7).