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A Farewell With Arrivals

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on October 8, 2019

“Finally, brethren” are two words leading to some most important final words. As the Apostle Paul is dismissing himself in his final farewell address (2 Corinthians 13:11-14), he ensures the Lord’s people that God’s word never needs a dismissal in their hearts. The arrival of the Word needs a continual reception and acceptance, even though the minister of the gospel is leaving them. The arrival of the Word as acknowledged by the believer’s heart needs a continual reception; that was Paul’s exhortation in his final farewell. He taught them that “the God of love” shall be with them; allowing who He is and what He gives to be at home in their hearts. That’s not all, in the finishing touches of the letter, he exhorts other spiritual arrivals of the Word in his farewell, encouraging them in a continual close walk with the Lord. As the Word comes knocking on their heart’s door, having received it not as the word of man, they now have the very spiritual character to “be perfect (mature), be of good comfort (encouraged), be of one mind (Spiritual), and live in peace (His - with God, yourself, and others). Then, when the Word arrives, the Lord presence comes to their heart’s door as well: “and the God of love and peace shall be with you.” As Paul was on his way to another ministry, in his farewell he wanted to make sure that what he had taught them would would never leave them, even though he was leaving. Oh, dear Christian, do possess a heart that brings a glad reception of the Word to your heart. True, the Spirit-filled Apostle did give his final farewell, but he encouraged God’s people back then, and in the present to receive the Word with its “arrivals daily.”