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Glory Seekers

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on October 22, 2019

“Fulfill your God given purpose in life yet?” “Any real joy in that exhausting life’s marathon of your’s?” If not, here’s the verse to run by us all & run with - for us all. David had a life mission in serving His Lord, and when the ark of the covenant came back to him, signifying the glorious presence of the LORD, his soul erupted with this Psalm of inspiration: “Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the LORD” (I Chronicles 16:10). Unlike David, self seekers with self glory in mind are missing the real glorious joy-implant in the heart. Self made men with self made synthetic glory turn the cup of blessing wrong side up. Without seeking God’s glory, the self made man cannot receive the glorious God-made fulfillment in life; we’re talking about real joy-fulfillment of LIFE, namely HIS LIFE - coming from the Lord, and Him alone. God through His Holy Spirit is the only Source that can fill the emptied of self - seeking vessel with His glorious presence of rejoicing. Let’s look at David’s psalm again with that spiritual understanding: “Let the heart of them rejoice that seek the LORD.” God seekers mind God’s glory in heart & that’s where the rejoicing delivered by God emanates, in the heart. He pours in the gladness when we pour on the glory - His! “LET the heart of them rejoice” that seek the LORD & His glory. “Let” (the Holy Spirit has already nudged the Spirit-filled believer with this Scriptural precept), let His rejoicing be in you, as given to you - a byproduct of your glorifying Him, a glorying in the Lord given by you. Give Him the glory from your heart, and when you do, He fills your heart with JOY. So a closing note on GLORY SEEKERS: the one seeking and glorifying God receives the JOY. Try running with that - rejoicing all the way!