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Stand Still - Go Forward

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on November 11, 2019

We all may have heard the following words and then have come to understand that: “You can’t have the one without the other!” That choice phrase is vividly demonstrated in the Old Testament account of the Exodus. The Old Testament believer’s freedom in the promise land of Canaan was predicated on the Exodus from their bondage in Egypt. As the story unfolds, with Israel’s enemy in hot pursuit, their departure from Egypt came with one command by the Lord, followed by another. First, the order was to “stand still” (Exodus 14:13), then the admonishment was given to “go forward” (v. 15). Confusing? Not at all, no aberrant command whatsoever. You see, the Lord knew that the believer cannot accomplish the latter without the spiritual experience of the former. The purpose fulfilled in standing still was to “see the salvation of the LORD … shewed to you today!” It is then that “the LORD shall fight for you,” all the while the believer would “hold his peace,” wait on the Lord, and only then would he be able to “go forward” under the power of His Word (vs. 13-15). When God made His voice clear in the matter, and when His people obeyed Him, they were awarded a day of deliverance and victory from the Lord. What a glorious work of God indeed: the enemy was “thrown into the sea” that day and Israel celebrated with a “song unto the LORD for he hath triumphed gloriously” (15:1). What a model in victorious living for the New Testament believer: with an exodus from the bondage of sin, having a repentant heart of belief, we as born-again believers now possess His Holy Spirit power to “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). Then, as we are waiting patiently on the Lord, we are able to go forward because “it is God that worketh in you both to will and do his good pleasure” (Philippines 2:13). Yet, the enemy is still in hot pursuit as we “fight the good fight of faith” (I Timothy 6:12). So, here are a few questions for us all: who is the enemy hot on your trail today? What are you “up against” when it comes to challenges too insurmountable for your human frame? Maybe you have come to the point in your life when you have felt that maybe “enough is enough?” Oh, take a faith journey back to that Exodus day when the Lord did marvelously show that He is more than enough to take care of the difficulties of His own children. Remember today can be your day of victory, when we: “stand still, and then go forward,” all the while seeing that “the Lord is my strength and song, (and claiming that) he is my God!”