Mini Messages

Bite-sized bits of faith to help uplift you throughout your week


Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on November 18, 2019

Imperfections! We all possess them and they come knocking on heart doors most sensitive, don’t they! Yes, those “at times” heavy instinctive thoughts that tend to pull us down in that “not so spiritual” world of self attainment. That’s not all, those disconcerting impulses then try their best in reminding us that we have not yet arrived, crumbling the pride of our own achievement. We are humbled to our human frailty after trying to climb that hard-to-reach, impossible, fictitious spiritual plateau on our own, at times bereft of His Spirit’s leading. Any gnawing away in your soul from those unwelcomed “reminders of who we are,” surfacing in that human heart of yours? Oh, dear child of God, take heart by allowing Him to TAKE your heart, by resting in His perfecting Heart - loving, graceful, understanding, Fatherly, compassionate, and COMPELLING! The verse: “The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me” (Psalm 138:8). That which “concerneth me” concerneth Him even so much the more. God is love, and that love comes to you with His full understanding of our human frame, that reaches you exactly where you are on your spiritual journey, in spite of our imperfections. God is not in the fault finding business, He’s the Fault Fixer for the believer - never condemning, only convicting! Now enter: “thy mercy - O LORD endureth for ever.” As His mercy endures, so will you endure, to go on - because His “compassions fail not” (Lamentations 3:22). His compassionate heart is exactly what irons out all the wrinkles of an imperfect heart, as it is being perfected in Him. Oh, don’t forget the perfect prayer for Him to do His perfecting work: “forsake not the works of thine own hands” (v. 8). He certainly will not forget, nor forsake the heart resting in Him - perfectly!