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Overcoming Peace

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on December 3, 2019

Christmas is coming, it is on the way; but how about the peace that the Christ of Christmas can impart to you? Will His peace come your way, to you, your family, and your home? The Lord intends it so, and may His peace come alive in your heart as we look to our Lord at this special time of the year. In today’s text, there are real to life Biblical phrases that are inspired to impart peace to you and yours - all found in the Living Christ celebrated at this eventful time by Christians around the world. Here then, are His living words for you: “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (John.16:33). The Christ who came to earth as a babe in Bethlehem’s manger, would come years later as the ministering Son of Man to those needing peace, living in a world of tribulation. Tough times, evil times, troublesome times, challenging times, and wearisome times came to those to whom He ministered back then. Those unwanted and unexpected times of difficulty will come to you as well. When it comes to tribulation, times really have not changed that much, only to the extent that troublesome times have escalated. The world back then, and today’s world have the identifying mark of tribulation defined by Christ himself, who knew we needed His overcoming peace. His Word has power, and He tells us that powerful peace is “IN” him - even though we live in a world of tribulation that advances its uninvited power over us. Jesus tells us to “be of good cheer” because He has overcome the powers associated in this world of tribulation. That good cheer comes to you as spiritual fruit by living and abiding IN Him, awarding us His peace in our personal spiritual world given by him - viably untouchable by tribulation. Experiencing any difficulty? Any trouble on your horizon? Trying to do the best you can with any strained relationship? How high is the needle rising in the frustration meter of your heart? Has the thought of even preparing for Christmas given you an anxious spirit? Oh, prepare your heart with His peace, and then fill your heart with the same. The gift of the Christ child born on the very first Christmas came with his divine presence (Immanuel “God with us” - Isaiah 7:14), packaged with his present of peace offered to man (Luke 2:14). The Word of God is infinitely powerful, and so is the power of his peace that clears the way of any finite, troublesome power, demanding control over you, as you travel down the tribulation road ahead. So, be of good cheer, capture his peace, bring it in, cherish it, hold it to your heart closely, and enjoy his cheer, because the Lord said, “I have overcome the world” (v. 33). The Lord desires you to receive three essential gifts as we approach this Christmas season: “peace, cheer, and an overcoming Spirit in Him!” Be of good cheer as you enjoy HIS OVERCOMING PEACE found IN HIM, given by Him as you travel down the tribulation road of this world.