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Behold the Lamb of Bethlehem

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on December 17, 2019

NVITATION: Our Christmas program entitled “The Shepherd’s Sign” will be presented at Calvary at 6 pm this Sunday evening under the direction of Pastor Mark Shabert. You, your family, your friends and neighbors are invited. May this presentation of Bethlehem’s Lamb bring His Spirit’s joy to your heart, and make your Christmas most meaningful. Pastor Dave


May your Christmas this year be the experience of a life time, as you stir up the spiritual interest that the Lord has already prepared for you from His Word. Then, and then only will your heart will be warmed and thrilled with His Spirit of Christmas. That Spirit of Christmas that we all long for is available, ready and waiting to fill us all. However, that rewarding Christmas experience does not come naturally, but supernaturally. The One who gave us Christmas has to have His “say so” to “see it so” in our lives during this most exciting season of the year. John the Baptist gives to us exactly what God has intended for us, to be filled with that seasonal expectation that we all long for in our hearts. It’s all about beholding Bethlehem’s Lamb. John knew exactly who Jesus was from His birth, during His youth, and then at the commission of His earthly ministry. Then, the day came when it was a time for beholding the Lamb, the spotless Lamb once lying in the manger to then take on His ministering role, leading to His sacrifice as that Lamb of God on the cross. Yes, John knew precisely who Jesus was when he directed attention away from himself to the One “preferred before me” (John 1:27). “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world” (v. 29). What a spiritually profound statement: “preferred before me,” with the intention of giving the Lamb of God His due, His honor, His worship, and glorious attention. So, when the eyes of our new nature within are beholding the Lamb of Bethlehem as well, that in turn will empower us to avert our attention away from our old nature, which persistently is “preferring” that which centers on its all inclusive selfish will. Then comes the true experience of Christmas alive, because Christ is alive in our hearts, when our preference is all about Him, and not us. Here’s an honest, sincere question: What is Christmas really all about, really? May it be all about beholding the Lamb of Bethlehem, and the greatest gift ever to be given to lost mankind: “Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world” (v. 29). We can see most clearly when our hearts are clear of sin and self-centered living. When our attention, our focus, our mindset is on the greatest Gift Giver ever, the eyes of our sin forgiven soul are enlightened with His child-like wonder of it all, given by His Spirit of Christmas. Oh, behold Bethlehem’s Lamb, the Infinite becoming an infant, once wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger to then become your Savior. When our spirit is filled with the Spirit of the spotless, the sinless, the sufficient, namely, the sacrificial Lamb, our beholding will then be the fulfilling factor of what Christmas was meant to be, sent directly to our yearning heart of Christmas bliss. Now as your heart is enamored with beholding the Lamb of Bethlehem, enjoy your Christmas by “be holding” the Spirit of the One dearly and closely within, remember, the Lamb of Bethlehem is the One who gave you Christmas. Behold the Lamb!