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Abiding in the Eternal

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on January 29, 2020

The Christian has a place most privileged in his life’s journey, walking in the Spirit of his living Lord, in the One who gave him life eternal. According to Scripture, the believer is “in Christ” (I Thessalonians 2:14), saved, sanctified, and secure. Question: So, is the divine work of our salvation complete? Here’s the answer: at the moment of your salvation, life eternal just began, that life is not just a point in time gift, graced to us, for us only to enjoy in our future heavenly home. There is far more that our Lord has for us regarding the gift of life eternal. That life started at salvation and therein is the divine life of God now offered to us in our walk with him. Let us pause for a moment and reflect on our LIFE “in Christ” - gifted to us. “This life is IN his Son” (I John 5:11) and “we are IN HIM that is true, even IN his Son Jesus Christ” (I John 5:20). As eternal life is abiding in us, so is the life of the Eternal abiding IN US because he is LIFE ETERNAL (v. 20). Please note something most precious: what the Lord possesses in LIFE eternal, he is giving that to us; yes, beginning at salvation, but also eternally giving us his life every moment of every day. - eternal means eternal. Explanation please: as we abide in him, LIFE ETERNAL, what he has from who he is, lives in us, and is gifted to us; the Lord is our ever eternal life giving Savior. Think in terms of eternal gifts in which he desires for us: “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity” (1 Corinthians 13:13). These three gifts from the Spirit of God are bestowed unto the believer; we are blessed, we have a gifted life. Here then is a life-giving, spiritual truth: as we abide in life eternal, that which is eternal abides in us. As these eternal gifts abide (actively remaining), so does the one receiving those gifts. Those who have eternal life are gifted with living abiding faith, living abiding hope and living abiding love, all inclusive in LIFE ETERNAL. These are life-giving, abiding gifts enjoyed by us, coming from the Lord as we are living and abiding in Christ, our eternal LIFE. As we abide in the power of His eternal presence, the abiding gifts of faith, hope, and love are given to remain (abide) eternally in you, to then help you to abide (actively remain in a living manner) in your walk with the Lord. “Now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three.” As the gifts have abiding power, there is faith’s power to uphold you, hope’s power to sustain you, and love’s power to encourage you in your everyday walk and journey with God. Need some spiritual power to assist you in your abiding relationship with the Lord? Remember, as you are dwelling in the ETERNAL, his LIFE and gifts of faith, hope, and love abide in you, going full circle to give you eternal life-giving power to maintain your abode in him. Make everyday an abiding day; bring in the gifts that abide, empowering your abiding IN HIM.