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Time and Place

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on February 25, 2020

There’s a time and place for everything! We probably are all familiar with that old familiar idiom of life as we journey on in our walk with our Lord. Yes, a time and place for the many opportunities that life can offer. Enjoy them, be faithful stewards regarding them, and thank God for them. Then also come the challenges, the difficulties, and the problems that present themselves to us as well. When those inopportune times in life make their way before us, they tend to place us in the state of bewilderment and confusion. We then find ourselves dealing with those peculiar predicaments, trying to figure out what just happened, and being daunted in the next steps to be taken. We are now finding ourselves in a place we rather not to be. So, what comes next? Be encouraged, for that’s the time to place ourselves before our Lord, and grow in maturity. As God would have it, there’s always a time regarding our place in God’s Word. God knows your heart, he knows you, he understands the place where you are, he knows what you’re up against, he knows your circumstances, he knows when you tried your best and failed, he knows when others have failed you, or misunderstood you, not being totally “in the know” concerning that situation, that relationship, that mishap, and the list goes on. Yes, he also knows the exact place in the Word in which you can spend time, talking to God all about it. That place, at that time with God’s sovereign love at the control wheel of life can change everything, and more than anything: changing you, the spiritual-transforming you. That place, with that time, with God’s throne in spiritual view, is when your heart needs to be thrown prostrate before him, asking him for the answers to life, your particulars in life. There are situations that are beyond our comprehension that need his intervention and wisdom. There will be a time in our lives when the humanity in us all will fail, and our feeble knees break in a prayerful fall before his throne. Then it’s time to look up to him with renewed resilience for we see the ONE seated there; he is the Rock of all Ages. When we offer the worship, he offers the security and strength for our soul. The Lord’s stability is waiting there at that place and his strength is granted there in timely fashion to those who accept the invitation of God to “come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16). God’s struggling saints that have gone before us, having gone through the test of their faith, those who have bowed in humble worship before the presence of God have had their faith strengthened. Then, with the graceful intervention of the Lord, their faith stood more firm and more resolute, because his Word and It’s power had helped them pass their test in time. Yes, he’s the Rock of all ages, of all time, for your time, for your age, and for your place. When weakened step up to the Rock, when the stress test explodes the breaking number on your emotional meter of life, place yourself on the Rock, when your human heart is drained of mortal strength, the Rock of Ages gushes out the water of life to refresh you and sustain you, both in your time and in your place. “When my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I” (Psalm 61:2). Translation please: the time: when the “inner man is broken and turned aside and ready to faint.” The place: God “brings you to boulder stability, by setting you on his rock higher than you are” to a place that is lifted, high and lofty, above and away from the enemies of your soul, to a triumphant station of life. The Rock (v. 2) is the proper name of deity and only deity can take care of our humanity. This Rock, so needed and so defined figuratively in this passage can give the strength that only God can give. The Rock of all Ages is the underlying foundation of support for His children in this world of unrest and trouble. There’s a place to stand secure in heart, a place for peace of mind, a fortress for the failing, and the source of strength for the weary. Where is that place? The answer is found in the Word, and God’s people who have gone there to his Word know that it is the the right place to be in their time of struggle and difficulty. Who are these that have gone there? They are the restored, the strengthened, the back to their joyful self again in the Lord. They know exactly where that place is; because they are standing on the Solid Rock. His loving, stable leadership knows from where to remove us, taking us from places and predicaments that overwhelm us and sets our hearts apart to His rock solid heights. Come along with us, in your time for your place found in him. . Remember: “the salvation of the righteous is of the LORD, he is their strength in time of trouble’ (Psalm 37:39).