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Your Heart - God's Heart - Your Revival

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on March 10, 2020

When we hear the statement regarding “the heart of the matter” the meaning is clear: it is the most important, the essential and vital part. It has been said, “the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart.” So true, and when it comes down to one’s revival, the heart is the matter of living again, possessing a revived heart with the spiritual life that only God can give, So to live the spiritual life that comes only from the Lord, we need God’s heart to become our heart, and only God can give that to us. We have also heard of the statement, “we need to have a heart to heart talk with each other.” Isn’t that what the Lord desires for us, laying our heart open to God with his Word, and becoming alive again in his Spirit with the heart-beat of his love, for his way in our lives. Here’s the danger, one preacher said it this way, “the heart is an idol factory.” The world with its lure of possession, pleasure, pride, prestige and power has such a strong pull on a heart dead set against God. So, there has to be some way and some how for the heart of man to be transformed into a love relationship with the rhythm of God’s heart. Psalm 85 gives us a heart to heart prayer to God for him to get us to that spiritual place of revival. “Wilt thou not revive us again, that thy people may rejoice in thee” (v. 6). A rejoicing heart, being alive in God again is a revived life with his heart becoming our heart. This does not come naturally, it takes a supernatural work of God on the heart, and God does HIS revival work when the heart of man is turned to and into a living relationship with him. The context speaks of that turning, and again, it’s all about a heart to heart prayer with the One that can revive us. “Turn us, O God of our salvation” (v. 4). This was the prayer of Judah coming back from captivity in Babylon, a people of God who once knew of the joyful walk with their God. The long years of those so chastised, who lived in a far away land with a distant heart of rebellion against God, they now wanted their lives back and their joy restored again. Question: “Why did they ask God to revive them again, that they may rejoice in him?” The answer, they had been so sidetracked and accustomed in filling their lives with the deceitful joy-substitutes, which in turn had brought them bondage. They then had become a dying breed, and could not revive themselves; a dying man can never restore himself to life. Only the LIFE of God can give life, just as God gives life to the repentant sinner. “And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sin” (Ephesians 2:1). It’s not in man to revive man, it takes the Spirit’s work of life to bring the believer back in step with God again: “Revive us again, O God.” “For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life” (Romans 8:6). Question: Is there any spiritual life of revival and rejoicing in your heart today, or do the idols of this world displace your heart for God? Only the power of God can bring you back to his living heart, the place where you can rejoice, bringing revival because of his answer to the prayer: “turn us again, O God.” You see there is only ONE worthy of your heart’s worship, and only ONE can fill the heart, idols cannot, you will always want more of the unfulfilling idolatry that brings no joy. When the Christian gets tired of the bondage in that foreign land of idols (pride, possession, power, promotion, prestige), living for self and not for God’s glory, and when he asks God to “turn us again,” God can then fill the heart with his heart and there will be revival and there will be rejoicing, Here’s the test of the heart to see if one is revived: the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart rejoicing. “Revive us again, that we may REJOICE in thee.” Revival is all inclusive IN THEE. A rejoicing heart to heart with the Lord is the true test of a revived heart. It begins with your heart, then a heart to heart with God’s heart, then a rejoicing because God is at work with the reviving.