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Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on April 18, 2021

Seeking happiness? Please stop the search, because it can’t be found; blessedness (happiness) finds you. God tells us over and over again in the Bible, using that word-phrase so addressed to us: “Blessed is the man” (Psalm 1:1, Proverbs 8:34, Isaiah 56:2, Jeremiah 17:7, together with the plenitude of other Scripture). Happiness is the blessed state that meets up with man, as he meets up with the Lord and his Word, being filled with the blessed Spirit of God. You see, the Lord lives in that divine blessed state: “Blessed be the LORD forevermore” (Psalm 89:52), and he desires to share that happy-living-heart condition with those who are literally “in tune” with him. “Blessed is the people that know (perceive and listen to) the joyful sound, they shall walk O LORD in the light of thy countenance” (Psalm 89:15). The problem with the quest for happiness is that the natural man has a wrong focus in wanting to be happy. So, if the blessed state originates with our blessed Lord, and one of the deepest needs of the heart of man is happiness, let’s live IN HIM, in his blessedness. Paul said, “For me to live is Christ” (Philippians 1:21), and “Christ liveth (Greek grammar: present, active, indicative, absolutely real, in the NOW, living activity) in me” (Galatians 2:20). When a man decides on the right manner of living; namely IN CHRIST, the search is over: Once again, happiness finds you, as you decide to “be found in him” (Philippians 3:9).

Yes, happiness finds you! In Matthew chapter five’s Sermon on the Mount (Christ’s kingdom precepts presented), the Lord Jesus Christ gives his hearers the Beatitudes, or attitudes becoming of Christ-like character, bestowing the reward of “supreme blessedness.” The phrase “blessed are” in each beatitude implies an individual state of happiness or wellbeing GIVEN, not pursued. The instruction translates into a powerful message of a life transformed into his image, so, blessed ARE (it’s WHO one IS). When the divine imprint is alive, happiness is as well - ALIVE. The Beatitudes don’t say blessed are they in what they have, or blessed are they in what they do, plan or pursue, nor does it say blessed are they in what they achieve. Jesus tells us blessed are they in WHO they are: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are they that mourn, blessed are the meek, blessed are those hungering for righteousness, blessed are the merciful, blessed are the pure in heart, blessed are the peacemakers,” all inclusive of kingdom qualities, characterizing the heart of the King who can also rule the heart of one born-again in blessedness. “It’s been said that a child rejoices in what he has, and what he can get. A youth rejoice in what he does, and what he achieves, but a matue adult rejoices in WHO he is” (A. Rogers). So, to the extent of who you are in a Matthew Five WORD-LIFE person, possessing those kingdom qualities of Christ, to that degree is the measure of your happiness. Jesus certainly spelled it out repeatedly: “Blessed ARE!” May we all find ourselves BEING the blessed man as we find ourselves BEING blessed in the Word; then God’s blessedness finds us BEING happy.