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Virtue Personified

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on May 9, 2021

There is something wonderful that we all have in common, we share a common bond with a very special person in our lives, OUR MOTHER. There are few relationships closer, other than the husband wife relationship of oneness, than one has with his or her mother. Consequently, there is nothing more fulfilling, more satisfying, and rewarding than for a woman “BEING MOM” in her Biblical role of motherhood, if that is God’s plan for her. Also, there is seldom anything more beautiful than a mother giving herself in a Spirit-filled dedicated life to her children, appreciated by DAD and the children. Question, what brings that beauty to the family? One word is all that is necessary to define that answer, translated into a family blessed of our Lord: that one beautiful word is VIRTUE! The definition of virtue can certainly define the MOMS who take on that spiritual, biblical role of which the Lord has granted them. So, what really is virtue? It is the moral excellence bestowed upon the woman who is filled with God’s Word, and is Spirit led in her innermost thoughts and heart-felt activities designed by our Lord. Yes, virtue is the result, and what a word. Actually, virtue is more than a word, it brings a life full of our Lord, of who HE IS with his image stamped into her being a virtuous woman, and what a mom she is becoming! That moral excellence, that virtue coming into a woman’s life from God, who in turn will bring beauty to every relationship with her in the family. Yes, it’s all about virtue. it’s been said, “A flower can’t grow it. A bird cannot sing it. A sunrise will not paint it. A gentle breeze cannot whisper it.” So true, but a mother can believe in it: VIRTUE. A mother can live it: VIRTUE. A mother can share it: VIRTUE​. A mother can cherish it: VIRTUE. A mother can invest it: VIRTUE. Then, the family is blessed by it: VIRTUE.

The family will be blessed with the virtue lived and portrayed by MOM. The wisest man, beside Jesus Christ asked this question, “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies” (Proverbs 31:10). Virtue is priced highly in value, with God’s moral excellency spiritually infused in the heart when the Word is planted there. It’s been said, “When a mother lifts up the Bible in her life, the Lord of his Word lifts her​ role to the virtuous, precious place of motherhood.” Dwight L. Moody once said, “The closest tie on earth is a mother’s love for her child.” Oh, how closer the tie is when Mom has that blessed tie in her relationship with the One who can truly bless the home. The prophet Isaiah asks us this question, “Can a woman forget her child” (49:15)? That question is in context with the Lord never forgetting his own children: “Yet, I will not forget thee. Behold I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands” (v. 16). In that same breath of inspiration, Isaiah then goes on to tell us that “thy walls are continually before me” (v. 16). When the Word is before his people, spiritual things happen with WALLS, those barriers of protection and safety are in his hands. Explanation time: in an age when God’s people in Isaiah’s day suffered their city walls to be in shambles. Walls were torn down by the enemy because of the idolatrous lives lived apart from the Lord, God then says to his children coming back to him, that he sees those walls restored. He doesn’t forget them; he comes to them with His Word of reconciliation. How about the safety measures in rubbles found in today’s broken families, with the walls of protection torn down by from the enemy, God says that family fortresses can be built again with his power of Word restoration. This illustration from Scripture is so fitting; as the Lord is mindful of his children with broken walls no more. The blessing comes with “walls up” when we are mindful of his Word: READ UP, TREASURED UP, LIFTED UP in the heart of all including MOM, and virtuously translated in lives under her mindful, loving care. MOMS, that’s a virtuous life extended to the family, the building value of virtue in the lives of GOD’S MOMS.. “Who can find a virtuous woman?” May the Lord speak to you, and whisper in your listening ear, “I have found virtue in you, because you have found me in my Word.” That’s what will make your day, so, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!