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Strength for the Family

Posted by Pastor Dave Johnson on June 19, 2022

If there is a most needed asset on the home front, that which defines the family, it is the Lord’s power of HIS SPIRIT demonstrated in the lives of all, beginning first with DAD and extended from his leadership. Paul writes Timothy his son in the faith and tells him, “Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 2:1). Not only is this verse so very instructive regarding strength coming from the grace of God, but the Bible grammar in the passive voice (action coming upon the subject) enhances that great spiritual truth: Being strong comes from power outside of DAD’S natural ability, and so available from the Holy Spirit’s activity as HE comes upon DAD, with power not initiated from himself, but from the Lord. Dads, we need that, don’t we? DADS, we need “to get it right, don’t we?” DADS, we need you to MAKE THE CALL and meet up with the challenge, don’t we?” And IT’S a BIG ONE, a life-changing challenge benefiting the family. Here’s why: One of the greatest hindrances to the Spirit’s work of power in the family (and in the church, for that matter) is man’s self-sufficiency: “I can do it; leave it up to me and things get done; when I’m in control and in charge, things happen; you see, I’ve got my family covered, just you watch and see, success is at my command!” Well, thanks for the enthusiasm dad, but the real enthusiasm, in its etymology is spelled out as EN (in) THEOS (God). Here’s the problem: “With that said, is there any evidence that dad is IN GOD, and GOD IN HIM, ruling and reigning?” Who is really in control? With man in control, failure eventually will knock at the family door, and the question will be asked, “where in the world (where in the family) is God?” So, it’s DECISION time DADS!

It’s been said: When a man decides to becomes a father, he needs to step up and make a choice. You see, any man can have a child, but to be a father, is a choice. You have to decide: There’s something here bigger than oneself; there is that which is greater than oneself, and that GREATER is GOD FIRST in the family: dad, mom and the kids. And when that decision is made to STEP UP and step forward, something happens: That Dad becomes a real man, a real father, and his boy WILL THEN BECOME a man (excerpts from a T. Robbins quotation). May it be said in addition to the truths so stated, When a man steps up to his Biblical role of DAD, he steps in with the power of the Holy Spirit of the Living God upon him; he steps into living the Word of God, becoming strong in the grace of God, and becoming a man bigger than who he is in and of himself. Once again, “Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 2:1). Grace, God’s favor changes man from the inside out. So, the choice is given to man from the Lord; that decision is the need of the hour; so, dads, be grace-motivated with the heart of your heavenly Father; make it a grace-filled choice to live a Word-filled life. Grace is the divine favor that will be bestowed on the man who is responsive to God. Step up to become the responsible person, the DAD that the Lord intended, growing in the blessed role as a father. A verse repeated in the Word is “Blessed is the man” (Psalm 1:1, 64:5, 84:5 …), and that blessedness (happiness) extends gracefully from the Lord, to DAD, and then to the family. That happens WHEN DADS make a choice to become a Father in the Word and of the Word, walking in the Spirit, and finding his strength not of himself, but being strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. In conclusion, consider this quotation: “My children’s happiness (blessedness), their safety and their well-being are most paramount in life” (John Krasinski). Oh, may it be GRACE FIRST, which needs to be paramount in you, dad. Then happiness, safety, and well-being in the family is the grace given follow-through, the reward of a grace driven life. So, may it be grace to you and to your family, realizing that when the power and strength of grace REALLY matters to you, it will matter to those looking to you, watching grace at work IN YOU, for it then to be the deciding factor for them: STRENGTH FOR THE FAMILY.